Tips From the World’s Strongest Gym Owner

When I first got interested in strength training some years back, a friend once told me, “Look up every YouTube video you can on Louie Simmons and listen to it.” I took that advice, and found Louie to be everything you’d expect out of a man known as “The Godfather of Powerlifting”. Recently I cam across this video from Massive Joes, and it may be the best interview with Louie that I have ever listened to. It’s long – about 30 minutes – and worth every minute. I’ve embeded the video below and encourage you to watch it as it is packed with insight and good advice. Here is a recap of some of the more poignant points for strength athletes:

  1. Do bodybuilding work. That’s a direct quote. You have to build your muscles up to get stronger.
  2. Do box squats – these are not the same as pause squats, because they break the chain. This is similar to using a rack press to increase bench strength.
  3. Do LOTS of single-joint training. This is tied in with #1 above, but single joint training is the most effective accessory work.
  4. Focus on your weaknesses. Louie tells the story of watching a lifter stall out at the top of a squat, and realizing that his glutes were weak. What do you think he was training the next week?
  5. Focus on velocity. Study after study after study shows that strength is directly proportional to bar velocity. Train velocity.