About Us

Welcome to the Nephilim Barbell Company! The Nephilim Barbell Company started with a dream – the dream of becoming superhumanly strong while still livingSteering a full, balanced life and fulfilling my obligation to my family and community. I wanted to be strong – freakishly strong – but I didn’t want to be a professional strength athlete. In fact, I was pretty sure I couldn’t be one. For one thing, at 6’2″ (190cm) and 195 lbs. (88.5 kilos), I was healthy, but not a titan. My bench max was right around 200 lbs., and I could barely squat 275 to depth. For another thing, I couldn’t afford steroids – neither the cash cost nor the health cost. But I was determined to be the strongest human I could be; and searched in vain for a program that met my needs. What I discovered was that all the programs that actually worked were written by and for those who used performance enhancing drugs; as a result, my body didn’t respond to many of the methods (such as “feathering”), and I never had the recovery to hit the kind of frequency these programs required. Well if I couldn’t find a comprehensive program to turn me into a monster, I would damn well write my own. So I did. I read all the scientific literature on muscle building, strength nutrition, and being a strength athlete. Then I went into the gym and tried it out. Through a couple of years of trial and error I dialed in a scalable, sustainable program that helped me (and still is helping me) pack on slabs of beef while still pursuing my career and living a balanced life. This was achieved when I realized that any real program had to integrate nutrition and recovery as well as just working out. The result is The Nephilim Barbell Program. This program is the centerpiece of the Nephilim Barbell Company, but the brand is dedicated to all aspects of the strength lifestyle. Thank you for visiting, and always…Lift Strong.