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FREE! Complete Home Barbell Workout

I started the Nephilim Barbell Company to share methods of getting brutally strong with people like me – people who have a real life, don’t have access to a fancy powerlifting gym, and who don’t take steroids. But what if

Full Workout! Dynamic Effort Upper

Check out the latest footage from my dynamic effort upper body day. Although I cut out most of my warmup and some reps for the sake of length, I demonstrate all seven main exercises (I forgot to vid the hammer

The Science Behind Building a Strong Bench

Issue three of Monthly Applications in Strength Sport (MASS) features an analysis of EMG activation in the pecs, triceps, anterior deltoid, and lats during benching up to 1RM. It is an interesting study (Krol and Golas, 2017) interpreted by Greg

This Week in Strong, Ep. 1 – David Hoff, Rheta West, DFSNZ is Idiotic, and WSM podcast

First installment of what I hope to be a regular feature here – the week’s news in strongman, powerlifting, and strength athletics. This week we look at some MONSTER numbers from David Hoff and Rheta West, as well as an

Bench Press Tips, Vol. 3

Today’s bench press tip is called the “trap pad”; it is a visualization of your upper back as a thick, hard pad that connects your body firmly to the bench. Watch this concept below:

Bench Press Tips Vol. 2 – The Lat Basket

First off, major shoutout to my new affiliate Kliewer Supplements! Kliewer offers only the purest, pharmaceutical grade supplements and is owned by an active duty military family. Use code NEPHILIM for 15% your order at Today’s bench tip is

UPDATE and a Cool Bench Press Trick for a Tight Back

Awesome! Just moved into our new studio space, and the paint is barely dry. A big thank you to all the folks and fans that helped make this a reality. I got some good feedback on the four week bench

Build a Bigger Bench in Just Four Weeks

Improve Your Bench Press in Just Four weeks! Here we go – a plan to bump your bench press up in four weeks. Now before we go any further, let me just say that the internet is full of gimmicks

Understanding Accessory Work

Everything you ever wanted to know about what accessory work is! Accessory work is designed to complement your Big Four strength training programming. There are two types of accessory work: muscle building and central nervous system programming. Muscle building accessory

The Best Damn Bench Book Ever

I am not among those who can call my bench press “weak”. My 1RM is 425 pounds, which, while nowhere near world-class is still stronger than 99% of all humans who have ever lived. Nevertheless, in comparison to my other