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FREE! Complete Home Barbell Workout

I started the Nephilim Barbell Company to share methods of getting brutally strong with people like me – people who have a real life, don’t have access to a fancy powerlifting gym, and who don’t take steroids. But what if

Intermediate Deadlifting

If you are like a lot of meatheads, you probably got into lifting because it is awesome, fun, empowering, exhausting, and all the other reasons that make strength training rewarding. But chances are, you could use a helping hand to

This Week in Strong, Ep.2 – Lauren Cohen, Joey Smith, USAW Open, Instagram Deadlift, and More

This week in strong! Some impressive results from the IPA’s Champion of Champions event: Dr. Lauren Cohen, the ultimate strong nerd, put up a 1545 drug tested raw total at 165. lbs. weight class (!). Joey Smith, powerlifter, shares his

This Week in Strong, Ep. 1 – David Hoff, Rheta West, DFSNZ is Idiotic, and WSM podcast

First installment of what I hope to be a regular feature here – the week’s news in strongman, powerlifting, and strength athletics. This week we look at some MONSTER numbers from David Hoff and Rheta West, as well as an

Understanding Accessory Work

Everything you ever wanted to know about what accessory work is! Accessory work is designed to complement your Big Four strength training programming. There are two types of accessory work: muscle building and central nervous system programming. Muscle building accessory

Deadlift Mobility Practice

In this video we look at a classic powerlifter exercise to train the body in the proper hip hinge for deadlifting. This exercise is taken from Andy Bolton’s superb book on deadlifting, “Deadlift Dynamite“.