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More FREE Sh*t – Phone Wallpaper Edition

NEPHILIM iPhone Wallpaper Optimized for iPhone 6+, these wallpapers work on most modern mobile phones. Show your pride stand out from the crowd with these unique wallpapers. Click to download full-size wallpaper.

Discipline in Life and Lifting

I am a huge proponent of the saying, “Discipline is bullshit.” This is based on cutting edge psychology science, which tells us that everybody has a limited store of willpower. You can’t depend on willpower alone to get you through

The Zen of Gains – Five Things to Do When Your Doer is Broken

Anyone who has been in the iron game for any time at all knows that at some point you will slump. Jim Wendler, creator of the 5/3/1 method, once wrote something to the effect that an experienced lifter is one

Tips From the World’s Strongest Gym Owner

When I first got interested in strength training some years back, a friend once told me, “Look up every YouTube video you can on Louie Simmons and listen to it.” I took that advice, and found Louie to be everything

It’s a Science, Bro!

By now you probably know that I advocate a highly scientific approach to strength training. I’m not the only one. This article by Chad Aichs from 2015 outlines Chad’s journey into the world of scientific strength training. It’s a great

And this is just epic inspiration

If you don’t know who Klokov is, you don’t know overhead pressing. Klokov continues to be an epic inspiration to weight lifters and strength athletes around the world.