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The Zen of Gains – Five Things to Do When Your Doer is Broken

Anyone who has been in the iron game for any time at all knows that at some point you will slump. Jim Wendler, creator of the 5/3/1 method, once wrote something to the effect that an experienced lifter is one

Mornings Got Me Like…The Big Cut, Week 3

Discussing the myths of macros and traveling while sporting my new, nearly there abs.

Two Fast, Healthy, Low-Carb Snacks

Spinach and avocado are two amazingly awesome foods; throw in some cheese and salsa and it is like sex in the mouth. Ok, so I happen to love both (especially spinach), but maybe you don’t. These recipes are about 5

Eat Like a Nephilim! Ep.1 – Pork Butt Roast

Ok, you’ve seen me posting pics of food for a while now – getting big means eating big, and it is a lot easier to eat big if your food tastes awesome! I taught myself how to cook some years

Eating for Strength

There are three kinds of information out there about eating for mass or bulking up. The first kind is flaming bull crap. You know, the kind of information that tries to tell you that you can gain five pounds a

Meatloaf for Monsters

The hardest part of the iron game, for me, is eating. You have to force-feed yourself like a French goose to get big and strong. That’s why I learned how to cook – because eating delicious food is always easier