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FREE! Complete Home Barbell Workout

I started the Nephilim Barbell Company to share methods of getting brutally strong with people like me – people who have a real life, don’t have access to a fancy powerlifting gym, and who don’t take steroids. But what if

Dynamic Effort Upper Body Day

Check out some footage from DE upper day. I talk about setting up the OHP for bands and the accessory work I’m doing on DEU day. Today’s workout: Banded OHP – 8×3 Incline press – 3×10 DB rockbacks – 3×10

Force Barbell – Gym Tour and Circus Dumbbell Workout

This week I headed to Force Barbell in Fischer Indiana (Indianapolis area) to check out their gym. What I found was amazing – owner Tyler Miller has more knowledge and experience than is usually accessible to the general public, and

Why You Shouldn’t do Behind the Neck Presses

Jeff Cavaliere over at Athlean-X has a fantastic video on the science of shoulder joint mobility, and why you should never perform a behind the neck press. Worth a watch, here:

Understanding Accessory Work

Everything you ever wanted to know about what accessory work is! Accessory work is designed to complement your Big Four strength training programming. There are two types of accessory work: muscle building and central nervous system programming. Muscle building accessory