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This Week in Strong, Ep. 6

This week’s grats go to an amazing strength coach, some really, really strong lifters, and link to Iceland’s Strongest Man. Henry Thomason: Squat Bench Deadlift… Iceland Strongman…

This Week in Strong, Ep. 4

Not much going on at the start of the year – just loads of short-timers taking up parking space at the gym! WSM podcast dropped a new episode, and it is epic. Also, a collection of #strongAF Instagram videos, and

This Week in Strong, Ep.2 – Lauren Cohen, Joey Smith, USAW Open, Instagram Deadlift, and More

This week in strong! Some impressive results from the IPA’s Champion of Champions event: Dr. Lauren Cohen, the ultimate strong nerd, put up a 1545 drug tested raw total at 165. lbs. weight class (!). Joey Smith, powerlifter, shares his

Force Barbell – Gym Tour and Circus Dumbbell Workout

This week I headed to Force Barbell in Fischer Indiana (Indianapolis area) to check out their gym. What I found was amazing – owner Tyler Miller has more knowledge and experience than is usually accessible to the general public, and

This Week in Strong, Ep. 1 – David Hoff, Rheta West, DFSNZ is Idiotic, and WSM podcast

First installment of what I hope to be a regular feature here – the week’s news in strongman, powerlifting, and strength athletics. This week we look at some MONSTER numbers from David Hoff and Rheta West, as well as an

Stay Healthy and Mobile

There’s no doubt the iron game puts a tremendous amount of stress on your body. It is not uncommon to hear of any athlete experiencing insane injury and pain in pursuit of their goal. My sister Grace ran a 3:12:00

Hand Care for Powerlifters, Strongmen, and Weightlifters

Brian Alsruhe, whose YouTube channel is one of the few I subscribe to, has an excellent video on hand care. Watch it below, and be sure to head on over to Brian’s YouTube channel to like and subscribe.

You Need Cardio!

Most strength programs out there include three pillars of success – programming, eating, and mobility. However, there are actually four pillars to any successful strength program: the often missing fourth pillar is cardio! Cardio is an important part of the

Sandbag Training

Tried out my new Rogue Strongman Sandbag. This is a very high quality bag, and it kicked my ass. I purchased some all purpose sand from Home Depot and filled it up. Weight was 216 lbs. on the scale. Check

The Secret to Getting Huge

I always smile when I see the latest email or product telling me that I can “unlock my gains”, or that someone has finally uncovered the “one BIG secret” to getting huge. For one thing, it can’t be much of