Four Pillars of Strength

Four Pillars of Strength

Get #strongAF by paying attention to these four basics More »

Full Workout - DE Upper

Full Workout - DE Upper

I walk you through a full dyunamic effort upper body workout with tips to maximize each lift. More »

Deadlift Like a Pro

Deadlift Like a Pro

Warmup, activation, accessory split More »


Five Things You Need to Know to Get Strong

If you are serious about your strength-gaining journey, you will need to put the time in to understanding how your body works to get stronger. I’ve put together a list of five things you should seek to understand in order

The Zen of Gains – Five Things to Do When Your Doer is Broken

Anyone who has been in the iron game for any time at all knows that at some point you will slump. Jim Wendler, creator of the 5/3/1 method, once wrote something to the effect that an experienced lifter is one

Mornings Got Me Like…The Big Cut, Week 3

Discussing the myths of macros and traveling while sporting my new, nearly there abs.

Weak Glutes and Back Pain

Jeff Cavaliere of Athlean-X has posted a very helpful video on how to fix low back pain caused by weak glutes. Watch the vid below, and be sure to check out his YouTube channel.

This Week in Strong, Ep. 9 – USPA CC Classic, Andy Bolton, and a Greek Wee-Wee…

This week we check out the action from the USPA Corpus Christi Classic, Andy Bolton is back on the road to recovery, and we have a…well, interesting story out of Greece that involves a bodybuilder going apeshit over the outcome.

Dynamic Effort Upper Body Day

Check out some footage from DE upper day. I talk about setting up the OHP for bands and the accessory work I’m doing on DEU day. Today’s workout: Banded OHP – 8×3 Incline press – 3×10 DB rockbacks – 3×10

This Week in Strong, Ep. 8 – New Women’s Squat Record, John Cena is Wrong, and More!

Check out this SBS edition of TWiS, where we look at this week’s news in strength athletics. Natalie Hanson interview Kimberly Walford deadlift Matt Sohmer monster lifts USAW statement Stan Efferding on Shark Tank John Cena gets it wrong Ranking

Tips From the World’s Strongest Gym Owner

When I first got interested in strength training some years back, a friend once told me, “Look up every YouTube video you can on Louie Simmons and listen to it.” I took that advice, and found Louie to be everything

Where’s The Pipes, Man?

Call it my midlife crises, but being #strongAF isn’t enough for me anymore. Sure, I can rip your face off, but I want to look like it too. Chances are, you feel the same way. Time to start something brand

This Week in Strong, Ep. 6

This week’s grats go to an amazing strength coach, some really, really strong lifters, and link to Iceland’s Strongest Man. Henry Thomason: Squat Bench Deadlift… Iceland Strongman…